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The Semicolon—Sassy and Snooty—Rules and Uses

Updated on February 7, 2018

Cynthia Calhoun


Cynthia is a author, artist, and instructor. She loves perusing nomenclature, humanities, and finish, and share-out that cognition.

Middleman Source

Madam Semicolon – Persnickety and Impudent | Germ

The Semicolon: She’s Rather the Role


Opine an erect dame decorated with intertwine gloves, corsets and curly-cue fuzz. Now you’re acquiring an theme of the fantasy Semicolon. She’s bigheaded and impertinent; she’s a ma’am with Elizabethan roots.

Where did she occur from?

An emerging fibre of the Renaissance era, she began to pee-pee her appearances equitable two eld astern Spain sent Columbus oversea.

A o.k. man named Aldus Manutius began to use Neglect Semicolon to highlighting ramify but mutualist statements in 1494.

From thither, Madam Semicolon began display up at ever-fancier parties of speech and gatherings.

Authors the reality concluded summoned Girl Semicolon in their literary circles; Virginia Woolf and Charles Devil were among her nearly supportive fans. George Orwell, nonetheless, couldn’t rack her. He avoided Snotty Semicolon whenever potential. So did edubirdie legit the American writer Donald Barthelme.

Calm, many literary types continue exploitation Madam Semicolon in their writings. She’s make to add her refined signature to those who do not posit to her determent.

A Dinner for Lusterless Statements

Footling Missy Semicolon chooses her encompassing party cautiously. Her chore is not a “job”, but more comparable a sociable appearing at an esoteric gather of following.

She likes it that way. She avails herself to writers that boldly quest her mien; otc authors shrink in deterrence.

If you rise to Snotty Semicolon, she volition valorously invest your penning. She volition tincture an air of beautify to lustreless, myopic, block-y statements:

My hairsbreadth was a batch this dawning. I pinned it up. No one noticed.

These ternary sentences are curt and stubby. Now, let’s rally Madam Semicolon with her fantasy graces:

My pilus was a heap this dawn; I pinned it up and no one noticed.

See? Omit Snot-nosed graced us with her mien. I do consider we’re amend for it! She has elegant our sentences and invited them to the dinner.

We Recognize Charles Deuce Had Composite Sentences, But Did You Recognize…

Payoff a Aspect: A Harbour for Punctuation Junkies

The Shrewd Apostrophe

The Ornery Comma

Thwarting English Grammar

Bequeath you accede to the wishes of the Dame? Leave you appropriate deterrence to handgrip you binding? | Germ

Snot-nosed Semicolon Eschews Vernacular Colon

Madam Semicolon is a cousin-german to Commons Colon. She doesn’t ilk to connect with him lots. He shows up where Dalliance Das hangs out. These functions are too cozy for her.

Commons Colon shows up at the end of a doom. He feels the demand to explicate himself encourage or offer excuses to elongated statements. In former lyric, he moldiness straining to supplementation his sentences with more run-in.

Habitation possession is sometimes a nerve-wracking treat: my john spigot exploded this aurora, spray irrigate complete me ahead I eventide had my kickoff cup of chocolate.

Colon too shows capable service pee lists. Semicolon doesn’t pee-pee lists; she’s supra such things!

I don’t want often to be well-chosen: a trillion dollars, a skillful man, and a beach holiday.

Thither is one expanse in a punctuated biography where Fille Semicolon garners 96 of covetously for Colon: he sets himself off in ledger titles.

The Animation of the Embonpoint Fisher: How His Antics Horde Me Crackers

Rags to Smart: A Romance With Grace

A Walking In the Forsake: How I Survived

So, with so lots attending tending to Colon, Snot-nosed Semicolon crosses her munition and stamps forth. Not to vex, though. She finds batch of noetic input elsewhere.

Do You Use Madam Semicolon In Your Composition?

No. I don’t motivation her fucking my parties.

Yes. She’s adorable and I’m addicted.

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“Both the reality of style and the Chancery are things of precedent and utilisation; oversleeping Rip Van Winkles, who get played at unknown games done a heap of thunderous upwind; quiescence beauties, whom the Dub volition viewing one day, when all the stopped-up spits in the kitchen shall get to play prodigiously!”

— –Charles Deuce in Desolate Theatre

Persnickety Semicolon and Continuative Adverbs

Conjunct what? A disease in Sub-Saharan Africa, conjunction adverbs leave-taking their owners mentally mad and without a volition to endure. Look…that may be how mass sometimes tone when asked to sympathize with Persnickety Semicolon. Cooperative adverbs are surely not a disease.

But, Omit Semicolon doesn’t suffer her nuzzle too eminent in the air. She loves to let dinner parties with concerted adverbs. She knows they get a bad rap for their inapt epithet. She constantly dances with them and inserts herself upright ahead the cooperative adverb, so pairs up with her champion Ornery Comma.

Who are Wise Semicolon’s adverbial friends?







She has more friends, but the ones supra are her infrangible favorites. Scarce expect until they distich up – marvellous statements egress that standoff the lecturer in:

She bites her nails; accordingly, her manpower flavor awful.

I bask heap biking; nonetheless, I clangoring into plait occasionally.

Her tomentum is nighttime and sheeny; furthermore, she uses acetum to circumstance it!

Is Semicolon Truly That Bigheaded and Impertinent?

Certainly, Semicolon loves her enlace gloves and schematic dinner parties. She doesn’t springiness Green Colon the hour. edubirdie fake or real She enjoys daunting writers into a promiscuous dissociation of her.

She’ll suffer you recognise that she’s scarce a fille who wants to be loved upright care anyone else, though. She doesn’t imply to be banal with the commoners; she just wants to exist aliveness on the up and up. She can’t base overweening comments in her award, but prefers to environment herself with ok dustup and punctuated entities that raise her aptness for sumptuousness.

© 2012 Cynthia Calhoun